From time to time we come across interesting solutions for various computer related tasks. These computer tips and tricks we have recorded here in the hope they assist others who have similar interests.

We have a Lowrance GPS / Fish finder (Elite 4) which allows you to save your tracks to a data file on a SD card, it also allows waypoints to be uploaded to the GPS or downloaded in the datafile. However once you have the data file it is in a prioporty format which makes it difficult to import into another mapping program such as Google Earth or Mapsource from Garmin. Having paid for Mapsource I didn't think it should be necessary to purchase another mapping program.

The Lowrance Eite-4 also does not have a USB as other GPS units have which would allow you to upload / download waypoints directly to it, having 100s of existing waypoints logged it would be a large task to manually log each waypoint in the unit.

So heres how I produced a simple solution which allowed me to upload / download waypoints and tracks between computer and GPS.