A.R Watson and Associates are property development consultants. They initially approached Pro Computer Services with issues related to computers not working satisfactorily. Pro Computer Services removed a number of viruses and spyware elements, optimised system software and generally improved performance of their PCs.

PCs were reconfigured to allow data to be separated from operating software. Anti-virus and spyware software was installed and a backup solution was implemented to ensure data was secured in future.

Although system performance has been satisfactory since initial reconfigurations Pro Computer Services has since carried out system audits to ensure performance levels are maintained.

A wireless network was added to allow backup of files between computers and allow resource sharing between computers, shared resources are:

  • Internet
  • Printers
  • Storage space for backup

Learning Unlimited are a child care center who approached Pro Computer Services to review their computer requirements. They had one aging computer which was used both to carry out administration work for staff and to run educational software for the children.

Learning Unlimited required the ability to:

  • Carry out administrative tasks
  • Perform record keeping
  • Provide children with access to educational software

Pro Computer Services setup a new computer with appropriate application software and provided templates to allow repetitive tasks to be simplified. Existing data was extracted from the old computer and installed on the new system. Anti spyware and internet security software was added and a data backup solution put in place.

The older computer was revitalised by removing all unnecessary software and files. Registry and hard drives were optimised allowing the computer to be put back into service as a system for running educational software.

Due to on going growth a wireless network was added, this allowed for sharing of printers and internet connection and allows for growth into adjacent building without installing wires for a network. With this network file / internet / and printer sharing and backup occurs between computers.

When Cabins To Go moved to new premises, they had one ageing computer and one laptop. They had lost time previously due to data being lost or unavailable through virus activity. They were interested in new computer hardware to meet their growth requirements - however, they still needed to run a win98SE system to operate their CAD software. They also wanted to share files between systems.

Pro Computer Services audited their systems and recommended a solution which allowed Cabins To Go to:

  • Network their computers
  • Share internet and printer resources
  • Share files between systems
  • Back up files from one computer to another

Internet security via firewall and anti-virus software was installed. Off-site back backups using CDs were implemented in addition to an on-site backup system.

The older computer was set up with a removable drive, which allowed them to run two separate operating systems on the one machine (without wasting resource due to dual booting).